What are you going to tell me if I asked you your most unforgettable memories of your last trip?

I would have told you the time when I was detained at the Israeli border because of visa issues and the time when my boyfriend got bit by a dog in Colombia and we couldn’t get a rabies shot until we got to Peru. …

An ERP implementation itself is a lot. Typical Cloud implementations last an entire year on average. Some of the bigger projects that I’ve been on lasted two and half years and they still have additional phases to go, meaning the exact same project could continue for another year at least.(If you don’t understand what is ERP or what does Cloud implementation mean, read the other two short blogs that I’ve written to before you start this one)

So what happens in ERP implementations? Why is it so time consuming and resource exhausting? …

When I graduated from college, I started my consulting career. To be specific, my technology consulting career. I stumbled upon this job without knowing any details of it and somehow I was given an offer. I promise I read the job description when I applied but none of it made sense. That’s when I started to question if my college education actually taught me anything. Now I’ve been in the consulting field for more than 6 years, looking back at the situation, I definitely wouldn’t expect the professors in school to have taught me anything I needed to know about…

Yingliang Li

World traveler, loving dog mom, grinding consultant, passive income chaser, first gen immigrant, proud Chinese.

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